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Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the Event of a Water Landing...

you mean if we crash into the ocean?? Love that joke from George Carlin. If you aren't familiar with it, he has a whole bit on airlines (uncut & unedited) that was way before Southwest hired comedic attendants.
Everything we say or don't say, how our speech delivery is, our choice of vocabulary, can drastically change what the intention of our words is. There is subtlety (as in water landing) and bluntness (crashing) that beg for balance when we are attempting to convey something verbally. Too vague and polite and most people miss the point entirely. Too brusque and those of a delicate nature become easily offended. So how to keep from upending someones apple cart and yet get their attention? Fact is there is no fast rule here. Most people today are riding an emotional roller coaster 24/7, so depending on where you catch them on their ride will decide how they take your words. I like to think I am somewhere in the middle of subtle and rude. Politely direct usually conveys my intentions, especially if I throw humor in the mix. Doesn't always work either. Then, I have to drive home the point like a hammer or I've already insulted someone. We cannot control the actions or reactions of others, but we can control our own. Become an observer and watch the riders on the roller coaster screaming with delight and fear, as you remain calm and detached. Don't take things too personally in this amusement park called life, it's usually not about you.