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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice

Well, maybe not the sugar part. A student lent me a book titled "The Raw Food Life Force Energy Diet" by Natalia Rose . No, I am not going raw. I like filet mignon too much. The book did get my wheels turning on nutrition and how I could improve mine. I started cutting out sugar, and although the first couple of days were tough, by the third day I noticed my cravings for the white powdery substance had subsided AND my food cravings evaporated. I made the connection that ingesting sugar was actually increasing my hunger in general! I've lost weight as a side benefit and have more energy to boot.

By sugar I mean corn syrup and artificial sweeteners as well. Cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate (except for 70%+ cacao dark kind), jellies and jams, ice cream...Well, you get the drift. All the tasty sweet stuff. When I do have a craving for something sweet, I reach for naturally dried fruits, 70% min. dark chocolate, nuts and green tea. Sometimes, all of them at once!

Returning our bodies to a more homeostatic level keeps us healthier both physically and emotionally. Try cutting something out of your diet over the next week that is not healthy for you. Be it sugar, alcohol, sodas, designer lattes... pick your poison. Notice the changes in your body as you go through the week. Become an observer of the signals your body sends you, filtering out the negative ones (ex.- craving sugar) and focusing on the positive ones (ex.- more energy). Living a healthier life starts with small changes.