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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take the Hit as a Gift

even if you feel like a punching bag these days. Research studies show that people with a positive attitude in life are happier and weather hard times better. When large "hits" strike, find the gift amid the turmoil. Ask yourself these questions: Where is the life lesson in this experience? What spiritual growth may I attain? What opportunity does this open for me? Answer these questions with positive verbiage. Avoid using no, can't, won't, never, etc... Your responses can serve as positive affirmations you repeat to yourself as you go through this difficult time. If you are lucky enough not to be going through a hard time right now, practice these questions on small "hits" (small unexpected and unwelcome events).
My small hit came last year when I went against my better judgement and got a really, really bad haircut at a beauty school. Granted, not the end of the world, but unwelcome and definitely unexpected. I learned I was way too attached to my hair, I was vain and my ego needed a good ass-kicking. It presented me the opportunity to look within and clean house, so to speak. And yes, my hair grew back. It only took 7 months. I told you it was a bad haircut.