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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please Hold The Pickles

My husband really dislikes pickles. Yet lately, he orders his cancer-causing hamburger and it keeps showing up with pickles. OK, don't get worked up about the cancer bit, a hamburger every few weeks probably won't kill you (unless it's tainted meat), but he eats them several times a week. Speaking with a girlfriend today we both remarked on how hard everything is today. Things that should be simple are now difficult, complicated and full of add-ons or as I like to call them, unwanted options.

What's up?? Impossible to ignore the white elephant hanging out in the middle of the room, it must be the economy. As my friend pointed out, it brings out the true colors in someone, not just their best or worst, but who they really, truly are. How do you know the androids from the real humans? PH test? Truth serum? Do we really need to keep our guards up all the time, like a human shield?
In these strange days, I stick to people I know. Carefully, as if tip-toeing through land mine infested fields, I allow new humans (hopefully, not androids) into my little world. But it's a gamble, just like life. Treat others as you would want to be treated and hope for the best. And hold the pickles.