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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What the Heck is Qigong?

"Qi what?? Never heard of it." That's a typical response when I mention I teach and practice qigong. Not as well known as its cousin, tai chi, qigong is starting to make inroads in the Western Hemisphere. Over 2,500 years old and practiced by millions of people each day, qigong is centered on opening one's meridians, or channels, and keeping our internal chi (energy) flowing. This is the cornerstone of Chinese medicine. In East Indian medicine, Ayurveda, it revolves around the 7 chakras and prana (energy).
Qigong is best described as training our internal energy. We keep it moving freely and strengthen it to keep us healthy. If you've never "felt" your chi before, it is a life-changing moment. You can never go back after that experience. One begins to understand the undercurrent of life that exists in everything, from plants to places to the universe. The concept that we are all one becomes clear and obvious. Our relationship with ourselves becomes deeper and collaborative.
I am NOT a touchy feely kind of person, everyone who knows me will attest to that. I started qigong with an open mind, but not expecting anything. I came out with a deeper self-awareness and a changed view of the world and how I affect it and fit into it. Your experience may be different. What you receive from qigong will be exactly what you need.
My qigong teaching schedule is as follows: YMCA Scottsdale/PV-Starting April 6th, once a week for 5 wks Mondays 8PM. * Fountain Hills Trufit Studios, check flyer posted on this blog.