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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

My girfriend Cindy is finding out I am NOT an early riser. She tries to entice me with teaching morning classes to no avail. I am not a morning person, never have been and unless I wake up with amnesia one day, never will be. I am really OK with it. I know what I'm missing... breathtaking sunrises, cool morning walks in the infernal summer of Phoenix, a mystical, serene universal quietness. Don't care. Unless I am catching a jetplane to some exotic vacation spot, I see no reason to wake up at 6AM.

Knowing our limitations enables us to find the freedom within them. Dr. Stephen Hawking is an outstanding example of someone with almost complete physical limitations, yet this limitation may be the reason his mind is so brilliant. We all have physical, emotional or personal limitations, some are by choice, some not. Unless it is harming to us or others, maybe we just need to learn to embrace these imperfections and find the joy within that. It is these "blemishes" that mold our personality and character, giving us uniqueness in spirit.
As a yoga teacher I see this in my students of all levels. I ask that they enjoy and find the freedom within a pose, whether it is modified or not "perfect" in their eyes, instead of finding fault or frustration.
Tantra philosophy encourages celebrating life where we are, in the present moment, with all those blemishes, imperfections and limitations.
So, don't call me before 9AM. Now you know.