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Friday, August 7, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

An old dear friend of mine found me through Google this morning. It was a joyful, unexpected email. Now I'm not on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, but I am easy to find online. Six months ago, my long lost childhood best friend from Spain found me through Google as well. Seeing her all grown up with her teenage children warmed my heart and welled up my eyes. As our wallets and spirits continue to be battered by this economic global meltdown, more and more of us are reaching out to loved ones, near and far, for moral support and a friendly face. Friendships are far more healing and lasting than financial gain. Friendship, for me, needs to be tended, watered and loved as a garden is. A garden will only give back and grow if attended to.
We all lead busy lives and sometimes our gardens are a bit unkempt, but as long as we remember to at least water them, they will be there for when we finally find time for them. Call, email, text or tweet someone you haven't heard from in a while, even if it's a short message. They will know you are thinking of them and bring a heartening smile. And while we are on the subject, how easy are you to find? Adding a simple Google profile will still preserve your privacy yet allow an old friend to find you.