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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beet Juice NOT Beetlejuice

Beets...not one of my favorite vegetables, although I watched TV chef Alton Brown roast baby beets with lots of garlic and olive oil. That looked yummy. The B in beets is for B vitamins, lots of folate in this crimson root, as well as a good source of A, C, calcium and iron. If you can purchase inflammation fighting beets still attached to the leaves, juice the leaves, too. They are even more nutritious than the beet. Look for green, healthy leaves and juice right away. Beets with rounded bottoms are sweeter than flat-bottomed ones and smaller ones are as well. One medium to large detoxifying beet is enough and always include other veggies when juicing this garnet gem.  Carrots or apples counteract the bitterness, and lemon juice is always a great addition. There's a reason beets were used to dye clothes centuries ago, drink it through a straw to avoid staining those pearly whites. Expect "other" red surprises as your body processes this vitamin packed juice.
My recipe for constipating-fighting beets:
1 medium to large beet, peeled and cut in half. 2 lbs scrubbed carrots. 1 head of celery, ends trimmed and scrubbed. 1 lemon, peeled, cut in half. Divide all veggies into 2 piles (cut them to fit in Breville feeder if needed). Add an apple if desired. Juice all of them on high. Should yield about 64 oz. Finish all juice by day 4 or freeze.