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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stick to Your Roots

During these unsettling times, people around us are making life-affirming choices. It may even be you. When you make the decision to fundamentally change your life, know that not everyone will be cheering you on. Some may try to change your mind through any means necessary, as your change will affect them in some way. We humans, as a rule, do not like change. It alters our routine and shakes up our perception of the world. So when we make the decision to take a different path, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Is my new choice grounded in wisdom, intuition and the survival/growth of my spiritual self? Am I making this decision based on emotion (anger, hate, passion, greed, revenge...)? If your answer is yes and no, respectively, prepare to stick to your decision and not allow outside forces to waver it. Know that your wisdom mind is at the root of your change and remain steadfast. As your logical and emotional minds start to barrage and attempt to sabotage your root decision with over thinking and second, even triple guessing, remain rooted like an oak tree in the eye of a storm. As outsiders batter you with opinions, unsolicited advice and attempted persuasion, stay true to your roots and your authentic self.

If your mind becomes clouded and foggy, allow your wisdom, like a wind of change, to bring clarity of thought. We must have strong roots to ground us in order to grow stronger and healthier, both spiritually and physically. Shallow roots topple us over in stormy weather. Root to rise is a term we use in hatha yoga to affirm our postures. It applies to life as well. May you root to rise.